Vacationing in Mexico Should Be Our Top Priority


I like the idea of renting one of the luxury villa rentals for Cabo San Lucas that my wife and I had looked at for a small family vacation. It is hard for us to get the same time off because of our jobs, so we definitely wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. We knew that we wanted to rent La Terraza for five days, mainly because it is the best of both worlds. We will have a private villa that is all ours for the entire time we are there, but we also have full access and use of the resort.

My wife likes the charming appearance of the villa on the rental company’s website. I have to admit that there is a certain level of charm in the entryway with hanging flower baskets on both sides. That is actually quite deceptive because when you get through the first entry, you are just not expecting a second entryway that is even more spectacular. Beyond that is the most glorious view ever. It looks as if the sea and the sky merge into one and just goes on forever. I am still not convinced that is not accurate!

The bedrooms are all great so there is not a chance of one couple getting a much nicer bedroom. It does not matter which bedroom we get because all of them are that nice. There are two dining areas, with each one fitting all of us comfortably. There is also a pool and spa for us to use privately, and we can use the spa services at the resort also. There really is not a single thing about the rental that is not nice, and I know that we are all going to enjoy it immensely. In fact, I have a feeling that this is going to make us have our priorities straight when we get back to the rat race.